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We Demand Abortion Within Reach!

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We demand abortion be accessible, compassionate, affirming for all identities and safe for everyone who needs it, free of politically-motivated barriers, and without cost as a barrier to care.

We demand support for and access to a full range of abortion options free from criminalization, stigma, and harassment, including but not limited to in-clinic care, abortion pills by mail, and self-managed abortion. 

We demand that people having abortions and who have had abortions are seen and valued as leaders, with representation, support, and affirmation.

We demand that young people have the explicit legal right to consent to their own sexual and reproductive health care needs with full protection for their privacy and confidentiality and that young people have full access to the reproductive health services they may need, including but not limited to abortion, birth control, and comprehensive sex education that is sex-positive and LGBTQIA+ affirming.

We demand that organized philanthropy – specifically private and public foundations that conduct grantmaking – commit long-term to resource abortion funds.

We demand that Reproductive Health and Rights organizations acknowledge that abortion funds are stakeholders in the local and national abortion access landscapes and commit to including and trusting local funds’ leadership in agenda-setting and decision making.

We demand an end to criminalization, punishment, and harassment by the state, by institutions, and by individuals for any decision around family planning, the outcome of any pregnancy, and any medical decision concerning one’s body.  We recognize that the criminalization of people’s bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom is rooted in a long history of racial capitalism, colonialism,  and white supremacy.