Collective Power Fund: Redistributing Wealth for Abortion Access
Collective Power Fund: Redistributing Wealth for Abortion Access

The Collective Power Fund is a new and innovative way to get direct abortion funding to the ground that is targeted, strategic, and eliminates barriers to abortion access. Rooted in the wisdom and expertise of local abortion funds, our new national direct abortion funding strategy will distribute money directly to abortion funds so they can disperse it according to the needs of callers in their own communities and support those traveling to or from their home states to get the care they need.

With your support, we are moving $1,000,000 to fund abortion, more than doubling the amount of direct abortion funding NNAF has distributed in the past. This year, the Collective Power Fund will redistribute direct abortion funding to 28 member abortion funds across more than 20 states. Funding is concentrated in the South and Midwest, where it’s often hardest to get an abortion.

The Collective Power Fund supports:

  • Cost of an abortion
  • Transportation to a clinic
  • Childcare
  • Lodging
  • Abortion doula support

By bolstering their direct abortion funding budgets, the Collective Power Fund will allow abortion funds to focus on abortion funding and building the vital infrastructure to meet the needs ahead. Local abortion funds provide on average $71,000 in direct support to callers per year. The average size of the Collective Power Fund grant is $40,000. The average cost of an abortion is $400 and the average pledge that an abortion fund makes is $176. The Collective Power Fund will make a transformative difference for people who are denied access to abortion.

Redistribute your resources to direct abortion funding by making a donation today! All dollars raised will be redirected to local abortion funds on the frontlines of abortion access.

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