Dr. George Tiller Memorial Fund - National Network of Abortion Funds

Dr. George Tiller Memorial Fund

Thank you for your interest in the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund. As of July 1, 2019, all donations for national direct abortion funding can be made through our new direct abortion assistance fund, the Collective Power Fund.

In the fall of 2018, we began a process of merging the two abortion funds housed at NNAF and shifting their focus from individual abortion funding support to a process where the funds are redistributed to member organizations in areas that need resources most.

We are excited to invite you to support this new and innovative way to get direct abortion funding to the ground that is targeted, strategic, and eliminates barriers to abortion access.

Rooted in the wisdom and expertise of local abortion funds, this new national direct abortion funding strategy will distribute money directly to abortion funds so they can disperse it according to the needs of callers in their own communities and support those traveling to or from their home states to get the care they need. All funding will be used to support callers in accessing abortion care.

Join us and make a gift today! Your donation will be directed to a cohort of local funds through our new direct abortion funding initiative.