Abortion Fund of Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Types of Support

  • Childcare
  • Financial Assistance
  • Lodging
  • Practical Support
  • Transportation


  • Callers can leave a message on our helpline 24 hours a day – calls will be returned within 24-48 hours and will come from a restricted number
  • To be considered for funding, callers will need to have an appointment scheduled at a clinic before calling into our helpline
  • We are currently funding Arizona residents seeking abortion care in Phoenix; we focus on people who are more than 16 weeks pregnant and (or) are facing multiple barriers to their abortion care (ex: transportation, lodging, child care)
  • Services are available in English and Spanish

We do not accept funding requests via email, but questions and inquiries for additional resources are welcome at info@azabortionfund.org. You can expect an email response within 24 hours during business days.

About Abortion Fund of Arizona

The Abortion Fund of Arizona provides direct financial assistance to people seeking abortion care in the state of Arizona. ​

We view the right to abortion access as a fundamental human right; essential for equality, health, and dignity. Restrictions on abortion access and funding are discriminatory, and these restrictions especially burden low-income patients. We oppose all efforts to restrict abortion rights and are committed to fighting for access to abortion.

Abortion Fund of Arizona's Community

The Abortion Fund of Arizona is a project of NARAL Pro-Choice AZ.

In early 2016, the Board of Directors and Executive Director agreed to use the NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona Foundation to start an abortion fund in Arizona. This decision was made in response to two main factors: a previous abortion fund working in AZ was forced to close in 2015 due to lack of funds and people power, and it felt increasingly hopeless to expect any good to come out of our state legislature. Given these realities, the decision was made to focus instead on building a fund that would offer direct support to people seeking abortion care in our state, focusing on those facing the greatest barriers to care.

The Abortion Fund of Arizona launched in January of 2017. The Fund is overseen by the Board of NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona and run by the Abortion Fund Committee, both organizations are staffed by volunteers.

Since our opening, we have received 20 calls each week and have been able to assist approximately 16 people per month.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with us? We are always accepting Abortion Fund volunteer applications through our website: http://www.abortionfundofaz.org/get-involved

We especially want to bring in the experiences, perspectives, and leadership of people from communities most impacted and marginalized by abortion regulations — people of color, people with experience living with little or no income, and people who live or have had experience living in rural settings with less access to healthcare.

We are always seeking Spanish speaking volunteers to better assist our community.

All donations are tax deductible.

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