Clinic Access Support Network

Types of Support

  • Lodging
  • Travel


If you are in Houston or have traveled to Houston for your abortion, the Clinic Access Support Network may be able to help you with free transportation to your clinic, and with housing for those who will need to stay overnight from out of town. They can also provide help finding the right clinic, getting an appointment, and navigating the system, etc.

To get help from the Clinic Access Support Network, you can, call or text 281-947-CASN (2276), message the Facebook page or ask your clinic to contact them directly. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours or 48 hours if it’s a weekend).

About Clinic Access Support Network

The Clinic Access Support Network is an all-volunteer group that started in September of 2013 when someone posted in a Facebook group that they needed a ride. Recognizing the need for transportation, they decided to mobilize to provide help.

Clinic Access Support Network's Community

In the last three years, Clinic Access Support Network has already helped hundreds of women get to their appointments, held fundraising events, and participated in several state and national convenings, such as the Texas Practical Support Convening.

Get Involved

The Clinic Access Support Network is always looking for new volunteer drivers, fundraisers, organizers, web support, etc. Just email or fill out the form on their website to inquire about how you can help.

You can get updates from this fund and find out about events and volunteering by going to their vibrant online community on Facebook, where members share the latest information about local events, resources, and reproductive justice news.

If you’re unable volunteer for but would like to help out, even a small donation makes a big difference. Donate on their website today.

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