Jane Doe Fund

PO Box 4545, East Lansing, MI 48826

Types of Support

  • Childcare
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Escort to Judicial Bypass Hearings (for Minors)
  • Financial Assistance
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Travel
  • Ultrasound


The Jane Doe Fund is temporarily out of funds, and is not able to fund any callers. Your donation can help us provide help to those in need.

When funds are available, the following applies: If you live in Michigan or a surrounding state, the Jane Doe Fund can help you pay for your abortion. They can also sometimes help pay for ultrasound, contraception (including emergency contraception), or assist with transportation, lodging, and childcare related to your appointment. Call and leave a message, and someone will call you back within 3 days.

About Jane Doe Fund

The Jane Doe Fund was created in 1991, largely in response to the elimination of Medicaid funding for nearly all abortions. The Fund receives hundreds of calls for assistance each year, and currently the Fund is able to assist about 40 women per year. Fund raising is on-going throughout the year.

Jane Doe Fund's Community

The Jane Doe Fund is operated entirely by volunteers. Volunteers answer the phone line, accompany women to appointments as needed, raise funds, and serve on the board of directors, and much more.

Get Involved

The Jane Doe Fund is temporarily out of funds, but your donations can help us answer the call of those in need. Please make your checks payable to Jane Doe Fund and send them to The Jane Doe Fund at the listed address.

There are a variety of opportunities for volunteer involvement, such as transporting women to their appointments, fund raising, or even serving on the board of directors. Please call 517-336-7843 for more information about volunteering.