Missouri Abortion Fund

PO Box #32034, St Louis MO 63132

Types of Support

  • Financial Assistance


Missouri Abortion Fund serves Missouri residents seeking abortion care in the Greater St. Louis and Mid-Missouri region. Funds are given out through clinics to those in need of financial assistance.

About Missouri Abortion Fund

Missouri Abortion Fund was created in 2015 to provide public education and support for women needing reproductive health care services, primarily by providing financial assistance to Missouri women who cannot afford the full cost of abortion care.

Missouri Abortion Fund's Community

Due to multiple restrictions on abortion in Missouri, getting an abortion can be very difficult for those struggling to make ends meet. Missouri Abortion Fund is always looking for assistance through through donation of funds, services, and facilities. If your business is willing to donate services or your facility to host an event, please email us at gatewayaccessfund@gmail.com.

Get Involved

Make a tax deductible donation online to Missouri Abortion Fund and start making a difference in your community today. If you are interested in volunteering with the fund to help women get abortion care in Missouri, go to: https://mofund.org/volunteer

You can also get updates from the Missouri Abortion Fund and find out more about events and volunteering by going to their website, or joining their online community on Facebook and Twitter, where supporters and activists share the latest news and resources.

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