Women’s Medical Fund

P.O. Box 248 Madison, WI 53701

Types of Support

  • Financial Assistance


Women’s Medical Fund may be able to help you if you are a Wisconsin resident seeking help in paying for an abortion.

If you are going to a Wisconsin clinic and have a counseling appointment, then you must wait at least 24 hours to have an abortion. That is state law. You must pay for the counseling appointment yourself, although you can ask the clinic for assistance. After you have your counseling appointment if you decide to get an abortion, the clinic will give you an appointment. If you are unable to pay the full cost of the abortion, ask the clinic if they can refer you to resources that may help you to pay the partial cost of your abortion. They will determine whether to refer you to us.

If you are from Wisconsin but going to a clinic outside the state, we may be able to help. Ask the clinic you are using if they accept aid from Women’s Medical Fund or can suggest other financial resources. They will determine whether to refer you to us.

About Women’s Medical Fund

The Women’s Medical Fund is an all-volunteer organization established in 1972 to assist Wisconsin residents who are seeking to end an unwanted pregnancy but cannot afford the entire cost of an abortion. WMF is crucial to help ensure Wisconsin residents’ ability to exercise reproductive choice. Wisconsin has only 3 abortion clinics & some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. Poor & rural residents are particularly affected by these onerous laws.

Most of those WMF helps receive their health care through state Medicaid. However, Medicaid in Wisconsin will not pay for abortion services except, very rarely, in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life or health of the woman or girl.

The right to choose an abortion is meaningless without access to abortion services.

Women’s Medical Fund's Community

Since 1972 WMF has been Wisconsin’s only continuously operating all-volunteer independent abortion fund serving residents throughout Wisconsin. WMF has helped over 20,000 state residents pay for abortions that they otherwise would not have been able to afford.

WMF is a resource of last resort, when all other sources of funds have been exhausted. WMF is frugal, trying to help as many people as possible. Over 99.5% of all donations go directly to pay for abortions.

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