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Will State or Government Insurance Cover My Abortion?

The information provided on this site is intended to provide a general overview of Medicaid specifically for abortion coverage. To maintain this page, we gather information from government websites and from the experience of abortion fund activists. This information changes often, sometimes quickly. If in doubt, check with the Medicaid office in your state or call a community health center for specific information.

State or government insurance is called Medicaid. Medicaid covers all or most medically necessary abortion in 16 states in the U.S. If you live in one of the states below, click on the state name to be taken to the state’s Medicaid/Health and Human Services website for some instructions about how to enroll in Medicaid quickly. If you want to use Medicaid to cover your abortion, you must live in and have your abortion in the same state. Your Medicaid coverage will not follow you if you need to travel out of state.

Here are some things you need to know about applying for Medicaid:
  • Although in many states you can apply for Medicaid by mail or over the phone, we strongly recommend applying in person and early in the day (when the office opens) at your local enrollment office—although we know that going in person may be complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This way is usually the most efficient and will help you enroll as soon as possible. 
  • Be confident when you apply and know that, if you qualify for Medicaid, you have the right to receive abortion coverage and enroll in a timely manner.
  • When applying, be sure to tell your caseworker that you are pregnant and would like the application process to be expedited. You do not need to tell them you are planning to have an abortion.
  • Federal Poverty Guidelines are often used to determine Medicaid eligibility. However, in some states that cover abortion, pregnant people may have a higher income than the guidelines for other people. Check the specific income guidelines for your state below.    
  • Proof of identity is not the same as proof of citizenship. If you need to prove that you are a U.S. citizen, you’ll probably need a birth certificate or passport.

If you do not live in one of these 16 states or if you aren’t enrolled in Medicaid, Medicaid will not cover your abortion, except in cases of rape, incest and life endangerment*. However, many clinics offer discounts for people who are enrolled in Medicaid.

*All other states and D.C., except South Dakota, fund abortions under Medicaid, only in cases involving life endangerment, rape or incest. South Dakota only provides Medicaid funding for abortions when it’s necessary to protect the pregnant person’s life.