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Make abortion funding a monthly practice

Join us and start making a monthly donation today.

As we navigate a time when so many forces are out to tear us apart, we have our eyes and hearts focused on our collective power.

We are drawing from the wisdom of generations before us and finding comfort in knowing that we are the ones we have been waiting for. Together we have what we need and now is the time to show up in our power and care for each other.

With a monthly investment in our collective liberation, you will support this network by growing the leadership of volunteers, strengthening the infrastructure of abortion funds, building connectivity amongst funds, and advocating for policy and cultural change.

By donating monthly, you are adding to a collective well of resources to ensure that callers receive the affirming, nonjudgmental support of abortion funds that they deserve.

Join us and start a monthly donation today. We know that the tougher it gets, the stronger our call must be to defend self-determination and bodily autonomy. We will never stop dreaming of a world in which everyone can access the abortion care that they need.

Benefits of becoming a monthly donor:

  • You will join a community of supporters dedicated to redistributing wealth to ensure that no matter what happens people can get the abortion they need and want.
  • You are invited to also become an individual member and have the annual dues fee is waived. Learn more here!

start a monthly donation

After making your first donation you will receive an annual acknowledgment of your total monthly contributions at the beginning of each new year.

If you have any questions about starting a monthly gift or updating your current monthly donation, please contact the Development team at or call (617) 267-7161, ext.2

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Individual membership membership dues are waived for anyone who is making a monthly donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds!

Individual Members receive the iconic Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion shirt, get plugged into a transformative learning community, and receive invitations to join powerful opportunities for action! Learn more here.